Do you really know the best beaches in the world that you can have fun in?If you agree that you know some, think again. This is because, beautiful white sand beaches can be found all over Europe ranging from Brittany, Poland, German and Corsica.We should not also forget to mention the Bulgaria’s environmental award winning beaches and the marvelous beaches in the underdeveloped coast of Turkey.

Beaches in Bulgaria

Golden sands beach stands out from the rest in Bulgaria and Europe in general.The soft and golden sand in the golden sand beach is acclaimed to be the best in the world.The beach resorts here sit 16 kilometers from Varna city that was built in 1950s.This beach resort town is filled with a lot of camping sites and hotels that are of good value.The golden sand in Bulgaria has received many environmental awareness awards.The beach has solar transportation offer and the beach is always monitored for toxins.

Corsica Beaches

Pinarello beach defines beach life in Corsica.The bay of Pinarello in Corsica has herb scented slopes, white sands and craggy coves that attract a lot of visitors.The beach also has an old church, a handful of restaurants full of seafood and jetties that stretches into the crystal clear water.This offers an idyllic, small scale Mediterranean beach life.

Beaches in Germany

Kampen beach, Silt is the most outstanding beach in German that is of world class nature.This beach is situated on the modern and fashionable island of Silt on the North Sea.Kampen beach has got a bracing air and a beautiful backdrop of cliffs that are red in color.Visit this beach and grab a giant wicker beach chair that is waiting for you there.

Beaches in Poland

Sopot beach is the best beach in Poland that gives very high competition to other major sand beaches in Europe.This beach has one of the best cooling water in the world.The Sopot beach since the ancient times has been attracting a lot of visitors from all parts of the world majorly from Germany and Poland.Volleyball nets always decorate the beautifully bleached white sands and vodka bars and beer gardens lines up the Monte Casino’s main street.The temperatures at Sopot beach are often above 20 degrees.

Italy Beaches

Italy is endowed with Praia del Fuoco beach that is stunningly beautiful.Praia del Fuoco beach is a very romantic beach that is hidden at the end of Capo Vaticano coast.This is at the union of the toe of southern Calabria.Transportation to this beach is by boat only.This beach is lapped with aquamarine waters and has a rocky cover that has steep shelves and soft sand.

Beaches in Turkey

Turquoise coast beach in Patar is the most mouthwatering beach in Europe.It is a 19 kilometer stretch that is composed of soft sand at the Mediterranean coastline.The beach is flanked by big mountains of white sand, which are a nesting place for loggerhead turtles.However, this area has for a long period of time remained underdeveloped due to the protection of this beautiful beach by the Turkey government.Get yourself a turkey travel visa and explore this god given beautiful and unique beach and many others in Europe.

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