We’re not usually the type of travelers who would visit a tourist trap like the Ice Bar in Stockholm, but every so often you have let yourself get suckered into paying 18£ to stand around in a dumb outfit freezing your ass off and drinking watered down vodka cocktails.

The surprise was how much we enjoyed partaking in such a ridiculous activity.

First, you pay an excessive amount of money for what you know is basically just a photo op. Then you stand around the IceHotel Lobby until your group is let into the bar. Everyone is provided a giant shiny blue parka, a pair of damp mittens (attached to the parka with strings in the sleeves, just like when you were in elementary school), and a voucher for one specialty cocktail. Then you spend 40 minutes shivering, drinking, snapping photos, and generally feeling ridiculous.

IceBarDrinks The Ice Bar in Stockholm (sometimes you just have to do the tourist thing)

Was it worth it? For us, it was worth the laugh, the photos, and the random luck of making two wonderful friends who we now see on a regular basis in London (Hi Jason and Luis!). And I think that’s 36£ well spent.

MarinaKevIceBar The Ice Bar in Stockholm (sometimes you just have to do the tourist thing)


Vasaplan 4, entrance in the lobby of Nordic Sea Hotel in Stockholm city
111 20 Stockholm
P: +46 8 50 56 35 20.
E: [email protected]

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