Save by cooking on vacation
Save by cooking on vacation

One of the biggest excuses that’s used each year not to take vacation, the expense, is a main factor when deciding where to head on holiday. Whether wanting to travel too far, take several weeks away from work, or just simply can’t find enough reason to spend the extra dough, thousands of potential vacationers will opt out each year. Of course, these numbers have continued to shrink ever since the onset of travel deal sites, which compile discounted fares into single aggregation space. However, even with these deep discounts, certain fees still cannot be avoided – accommodations (unless staying with some friendly hosts), transportation (fuel, fare, or wear and tear), and food.

Arguably the most important of them all, meals and beverages can oftentimes account for much of a vacation’s purchases. While some of this can be chalked up to entertainment, there’s certainly no rule that says you have to eat out for every meal on vacation. In fact, cooking, or even just making a sandwich for lunch, can help cut back on costs considerably.

For more intricate savings, especially for families, choose to spend a night in and cook. Sights can still be seen; just after you’ve had a wholesome and reasonably priced meal. When staying with friends, you can take turns cooking to help lighten the workload. (You’re still on vacation, after all.) Buy groceries together and split the costs, or choose separately and each chef can be in charge of obtaining ingredients. Whatever the final plan, be sure that it’s one that divides both cost and scope of work.

Cooking on vacation can also provide you with a look at local lifestyles you might have not otherwise seen. Grocery stores can differ even when traveling in-state, providing a unique view of food shopping. You can even check for local farmers or garden markets for a chance at fresh local produce.

Before heading on your next vacation, consider doing some of the cooking in-house to help cut back on fees. It’s a money saver that can allow vacations of all shapes and sizes to take flight.

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