The Norwegian Coastal Hurtigruten Voyage along the spectacular Norwegian coastline has been described as “The World’s Most Beautiful Voyage”, and it’s a great choice for weekend getaways for couples. Established more than 110 years ago, the service is an essential connection to the outermost coastal communities, that carried cargo and passengers. The vessels hardly ever deviated far from their usual route, always hugging the rugged Norwegian coast, encountering some of least inhabited areas of Norway.


Hurtigruten Voyages
Hurtigruten Voyages

The Hurtigruten vessels ferry passengers, post and supplies to 34 ports around the coast of Norway, most, almost never called on by commercial cruise liners. The voyages depart from Bergen on a daily basis and travel northbound to the Arctic Circle and further as it meanders its way along the spectacular splendour of the coast of Norway.

Many of the ports of call are tranquil communities on tiny islands where the inhabitants depend for their survival on the Hurtigruten ships to bring the communities essential supplies and to reunite friends and family.

Each Hurtigruten ship has its own style and personality and no two trips will ever be the same, as the continually-evolving seasons, weather, fauna and flora, local people you encounter, and the friendly English speaking staff make every sailing a unique experience.

Travellers from all around the world come to enjoy the stunning coastline and relaxed ambiance on board. Many prefer to travel during the summer months, to experience the midnight sun when the sun touches the horizon before arching skyward, immersing the resplendent scenery in continuous daylight. Others opt to travel in the winter when the Northern Lights sometimes light up the night sky in a spectacular show of shimmering lights.

The relationship between the fleet and community could be the reason for the attachment many Norwegians have for the service. The tradition and history of the service, and the immense undertakings of the crews and captains that have helped navigate so many coastal communities into the contemporary age, has at no time been regarded with anything other than admiration.

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