We spent two days on Halong Bay! Halong Bay is one of the 7 wonders of the world! It is a body of water near 1500km where are grouped more than 1,600 islands.

We had the choice between an organized tour or make do by ourselves. We chose the “organized tour” due to bad weather option. Not the courage to go hunting at the best rates when it does 15 ° C outside, it rains, we do not have a coat and that we must carry our bags. As you can see, we were not in optimal conditions to visit the bay

Despite this, it is a beautiful place and we do not regret having visited! The visit takes place mainly on the boat, we made regular stops to visit a temple, a cave, an island canoeing. We also spent a night on the boat. The cabins were very nice, it is a very nice experience! More detail about Lan Ha Bay Cruise 

It’s always funny when the captain honking in the middle of the night for some unknown reason:-S. The food was fab, it was entitled to full of different small dishes to share in table 5, it allows you to enjoy lots of things. Usually we do not like organized tours but they make it easier to meet people.

Then we went to Lan Ha Bay in a short cruise of 2 days 1 nitgh! Great place next to Halong bay and a big difference ! Many hiddend caves to explore by kayaks and many beaches to enjoy ! We stopped at 2 beaches without any tourist and really appreciated our time there – For the cruise, we hired a private boat to visit Lan Ha bay for reasonnable price ! The boat were great and the crew members are nice and have served a really good cuisine! You can find a trustable local agency for Vietnam and Lan Ha Bay cruise here voyage vietnam.co/


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