Hurtigruten Cruises Around The Fjords Of Norway, wondeful choice for weekend getaways for couples

Hurtigruten Voyages

The Norwegian Coastal Hurtigruten Voyage along the spectacular Norwegian coastline has been described as “The World’s Most Beautiful Voyage”, and it’s a great choice for weekend getaways for couples. Established more than 110 years ago, the service is an essential connection to the outermost coastal communities, that carried cargo and passengers. The vessels hardly ever deviated far from their usual route, always hugging the rugged Norwegian coast, encountering some of least inhabited areas of Norway.


Hurtigruten Voyages
Hurtigruten Voyages

The Hurtigruten vessels ferry passengers, post and supplies to 34 ports around the coast of Norway, most, almost never called on by commercial cruise liners. The voyages depart from Bergen on a daily basis and travel northbound to the Arctic Circle and further as it meanders its way along the spectacular splendour of the coast of Norway.

Many of the ports of call are tranquil communities on tiny islands where the inhabitants depend for their survival on the Hurtigruten ships to bring the communities essential supplies and to reunite friends and family.

Each Hurtigruten ship has its own style and personality and no two trips will ever be the same, as the continually-evolving seasons, weather, fauna and flora, local people you encounter, and the friendly English speaking staff make every sailing a unique experience.

Travellers from all around the world come to enjoy the stunning coastline and relaxed ambiance on board. Many prefer to travel during the summer months, to experience the midnight sun when the sun touches the horizon before arching skyward, immersing the resplendent scenery in continuous daylight. Others opt to travel in the winter when the Northern Lights sometimes light up the night sky in a spectacular show of shimmering lights.

The relationship between the fleet and community could be the reason for the attachment many Norwegians have for the service. The tradition and history of the service, and the immense undertakings of the crews and captains that have helped navigate so many coastal communities into the contemporary age, has at no time been regarded with anything other than admiration.

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Save by cooking on vacation

Save by cooking on vacation
Save by cooking on vacation

One of the biggest excuses that’s used each year not to take vacation, the expense, is a main factor when deciding where to head on holiday. Whether wanting to travel too far, take several weeks away from work, or just simply can’t find enough reason to spend the extra dough, thousands of potential vacationers will opt out each year. Of course, these numbers have continued to shrink ever since the onset of travel deal sites, which compile discounted fares into single aggregation space. However, even with these deep discounts, certain fees still cannot be avoided – accommodations (unless staying with some friendly hosts), transportation (fuel, fare, or wear and tear), and food.

Arguably the most important of them all, meals and beverages can oftentimes account for much of a vacation’s purchases. While some of this can be chalked up to entertainment, there’s certainly no rule that says you have to eat out for every meal on vacation. In fact, cooking, or even just making a sandwich for lunch, can help cut back on costs considerably.

For more intricate savings, especially for families, choose to spend a night in and cook. Sights can still be seen; just after you’ve had a wholesome and reasonably priced meal. When staying with friends, you can take turns cooking to help lighten the workload. (You’re still on vacation, after all.) Buy groceries together and split the costs, or choose separately and each chef can be in charge of obtaining ingredients. Whatever the final plan, be sure that it’s one that divides both cost and scope of work.

Cooking on vacation can also provide you with a look at local lifestyles you might have not otherwise seen. Grocery stores can differ even when traveling in-state, providing a unique view of food shopping. You can even check for local farmers or garden markets for a chance at fresh local produce.

Before heading on your next vacation, consider doing some of the cooking in-house to help cut back on fees. It’s a money saver that can allow vacations of all shapes and sizes to take flight.

Five Wonderful Vacations

Five Wonderful Vacations
Five Wonderful Vacations

New York

The Empire Hotel

The setting for the popular TV show, Gossip Girl, the Empire Hotel is located in Manhattan, quite close to high-demand areas and posh New York real estate. The modern vibe attracts a young crowd, while the dark rich colors and mahogany accents suggest the space is inviting for a more distinguished crowd, too.

The Russian Tea Room

No trip to NYC is complete without a stop at the famed, Russian Tea Room. Decorated in bright reds and greens, this New York landmark serves contemporary continental cuisine.


Specializing in Southern Comfort food, Sylvia’s serves up huge plates of fried chicken and waffles and bowls of macaroni and cheese, collard greens and true Southern grits.


Aqua Wellness Resort

Detox, breathe, and relax at the Aqua Wellness Resort in Nicaragua. Nestled high in the treetops, this bungalow-style resort offers private suites, most with individual infinity pools. Yoga and meditation are offered daily, as well as spa services and kayaking. No stay is complete without the personalized meal plan.

El Colibri

Take a day trip to San Juan del Sur, and nosh on Mediterranean eats at this family-style restaurants. Hearty foods, like chicken and potatoes, as well as generous portions are the staples in this cozy brightly colored establishment.

Barrio Café

Grab a cup of (locally sourced) coffee at the popular Barrio Café. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are also served, and the menu revolves around an international theme.


Mercure Nice Marche Aux Fleurs

Vacation like the celebrities do at the Mercure Nice Marche Aux Fleurs. Lay out on the beach while servers cater to your every whim. Parasail, water ski, or take a trip out to the ocean in a glass bottom boat. When you’re tired from a long day of play, retire to your room, and sink into lush linens and terry cloth bathrobes.

Les Pecheurs

Taste the freshest fish to come out of the ocean at Les Pecheurs. Enjoy the sun out on the terrace or a romantic corner inside. As you dine, you’ll enjoy a panoramic view of the marina and the surrounding hilltops.

La Petite Maison

Located near Old Town, La Petite Maison will give you a dining experience that is a work of art, specializing in local dishes and Southern France staples.


Image from

The Goring

Enjoy 5-star service in this stately hotel that has remained in the same family for 100 years. Recently remolded by top interior designers, the rooms boast cozy, warm colors, mixed with chic designs, luxurious fabrics and stunning views. Enjoy afternoon tea in the sunny terrace, or a nightcap in the swanky bar.

Mad Hatter’s Pub

Nestled in the old part of London, the Mad Hatter’s Pub offers the quintessential London pub experience. Kick up your feet and kick back a beer, or try one of the hearty menu options.


Get the true English experience at Rules, the oldest restaurant in London. Opened in 1798 by Thomas Rule, this establishment sources high-quality game birds from their own estate, offering favorites like fish and chips, next to gamier options, like ox cheeks and duck.


Hotel Britannique Paris

Learn the true meaning of French opulence at the Hotel Britannique in Paris. Built in 1860, this beautiful building is located in the heart of Paris, only a stone’s throw away from the Seine. Rooms are decorated in luxurious linens, sparkling crystals, and rich mahogany accents.

Café de Flore

Sit and relax with a cup of coffee, a croissant and your favorite Voltaire novel cracked open in your lap. Café de Flore is the perfect place to people watch on a nice day and curl up with a book on a cold one.

Moulin Rouge

A must-have experience! Watch can-can dancers at this historic establishment, while you munch on fois gras, fresh pasta, and sip champagne. The Belle Epoque-style show will take you back into yesteryear.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Hen Parties in Liverpool

The 2008 European Capital of Culture has never really stepped down from the pedestal, with world class attractions and exceptional events. Bargain group accommodation in the city will ensure you can make the most of your stay and enjoy a good selection of what Liverpool has to offer.

The only place in the UK for die hard music fans; if your hen is a rock ‘n’ roll kind of chick, a hen party in Liverpool will be her ultimate break away. The city celebrates their musical heritage with pride and has an array of attractions available that are perfect for a Beatles themed hen break.

The Beatles Story Museum is located at the Albert Dock. Depending on how many of you are in the group, there is no need to book, just turn up on the day. Literally walk through times gone by as you rediscover the various phases of the Beatles fame and success.

The museum now has an additional building at Pier Head, just a short stroll from the main attraction,where you can experience a Fab4D ‘groovy trip through the music of the Beatles’. Ensure you add a list of stops to your 60s inspired itinerary, visiting spots in the city such as Penny Lane, Strawberry Field and The Cavern.

Stop off at your group accommodation before you head out on your adventures; a themed 60s fancy dress afternoon and evening will ensure you snap some fabulous pictures for a retro look photo book.

The Cavern Club
The Cavern Club

Paul McCartney’s Live at the Cavern

A night clubbing in The Cavern is definitely on the cards, however embrace contemporary tracks too. Cream at Nation Nightclub is one of the most well-known clubs in the UK and regularly holds sell out events. Check if you can book your group accommodation over one of these dates for an unforgettable night on the town.

Book group accommodation as soon as possible – secure any preferred dates for the ultimate rock ‘n’roll hen party.

The Surprising History of the Balboa

Not to be confused with the “Balboa Theater,” the “Balboa Theatre” (note the spelling difference) has been with us since 1924, when it opened, hosting nationally known vaudeville acts.

Since that time, the Balboa has gone through many changes, and was almost lost to the wrecking ball. Highlights from this great theater’s history include 1930-1940, when the theater showed Spanish-language cinema and stage shows.

Around 1942 the theater gave itself over to the U.S. Navy in the early days of World War II, converting the office space to housing to help accommodate the swelling ranks of the U.S. military.

Let’s take a minute to stop and dance “The Balboa” before going on with our history lesson:

Now back to history. The Balboa was slated to be demolished in 1959, to make room for a parking lot. It was saved by Russo Enterprises who operated the theater as an action-movie venue.

In 1972, the City of San Diego placed the building on the local Register of Historical Places, later acquiring the building in 1985 through eminent domain.

The Balboa Theatre Foundation was created in 1986 to get a renovation project funded and started. The foundation successfully lobbied to get the Balboa on the National Register of Historic Places in 1992 and fundraising began in earnest.

To find out what happened next, see History of the Balboa Theatre Tours of the newly renovated and earthquake-safe Balboa are now being conducted and tickets for upcoming performances are on sale. Come by and enjoy this national treasure, whose history is so much a part of San Diego.

In the land of ‘land diving’ – Pentecost Island

Pentecost Island
Pentecost Island

Pentecost Island is one of the 83 constituent islands of the small nation of Vanuatau in South Pacific Ocean. The island is located 190 km north of Efate island that comprises Port Vila, the capital of Vanuatu. Pentecost Island is called Pentecôte in French, Pentikos in Bislama and Vanu Aroaroa in native languages. Pentecost is spread over an area of 490 square kilometres and has a population of over 12,000. The long and narrow island (north-south stretch of about 60 km) has Maewo island in the north, Ambae island in the north-west and Ambrym island in the north-west direction.


Pentecost mainly has a mountainous terrain  and several rivers. The highest peak in the island is Mt Vulmat with an altitude of 947 metres. The mountain range of the island demarcates the humid and rain-prone eastern coast and the temperate western coast. The coastal areas of the island are ideal for agriculture and livestock rearing. The human population is mainly concentrated on the western coast of the island. Laone, Laltong, Abwatuntora, Latano, Namaram, Bwatnapni, Melsisi, Bwaravet, Lonoror, Hotwata, Panas are some of the villages located in the western coast area. Other major settlements are located at Nazareth and Atavtabangga in the north and at Enaa, Wutsunmwel, Tansip and others in the centre of the island. The east coast is mostly inaccessible with fewer settlements. Ranwas, Bunlap in the south-east and Renbura and Vanrasini further north are some of the settlements on that side.


Pentecost was discovered by Louis Antoine de Bougainville on May 22, 1768. Later, it was also sighted by Captain James Cook in 1774. It was influenced by successive Christian missionaries but traditional customs there remain strong. more here

Birthplace of bungee jumping:

Pentecost Island is most famous for being the spiritual birthplace of thesaid to be the place where the extreme sport of bungee jumping originated, although as an old ritual called the ‘gol’ or Land Diving. It is religiously organized between April and June every year mainly in the southern part of the island whereby men jumped from tall towers (around 20 to 30 metres) with vines tied to their feet, in an effort to ensure a good yam harvest.

  • Land diving ceremony
  • Statue of Walter Lini, the father of the nation of Vanuatu, who led the country to its independence, near Lini Memorial College
  • Bushwalking
  • Fishing
Social set up in brief:

Imported rice and tinned meat is an important part of the diet for people living in more developed areas of the island. , particularly, hold a high position in Pentecost society, not only as food but also as a traditional item of value.

Copra (dried coconut meat) has been Pentecost’s main export, but it has now been overtaken by kava, a narcotic root used to prepare a drink. Houses are constructed from local wood and bamboo, and thatched with leaves of natanggura (a variety of palm).


People of Pentecost Island speak five indigenous languages, namely, Raga (North Pentecost language), Apma (Central Pentecost language), Sowa (south-central Pentecost, recently gone extinct), Ske (of south-western Pentecost) and Sa (South Pentecost language). Besides, people also speak Bislama, one of the three official languages of Vanuatu.

Reaching Pentecost:

By air:
Pentecost has two airports, namely, Lonorore in the south-west and Sara in the north (the second more served by smaller aeroplanes). Lonorore airport was upgraded in 2008-2009.

By water:
Cargo ships linking Port Vila and Luganville touch the island’s west coast. M/V Brisk is one such ship. A few also visit the eastern coast. Yachts regularly visit Loltong, Waterfall and Panngi villages. Panngi can even receive cruise ships.

By Road:
A dirt road runs from the north to the south-west of the island, while another connects Salap in the south-west to Ranwas in the south-east.

  • Noda Guesthouse (Vanu)
  • Nagol Bungalows (Salap)
  • Samuel’s Guesthouse (Baravet)
  • Walarua Guesthouse (Lavatu)
  • Walap Beach Bungalows (Wali)

Humpback whales of Tonga

Humpback whales of Tonga
Humpback whales of Tonga

Vava’u in Tonga in South Pacific is one of those few places in the world that offer splendid opportunity to swim with the humpback whales.

Migrating whales:

The humpback whales migratke from their feeding grounds in the Antarctic to the warm islands of Tonga each winter for mating and producing calves. About 450 whales migrate each year. They stay in and around the archipelagos of Tonga from July till about late October and return all the way to the Antarctic (8,000 odd km) during the summer. It is during their arrival and stay at Tonga (particularly the Vava’u islands) that thousand of tourists throng here to spot the gentle giants.

Swimming with the whales:

Even though the mission is same, to swim with the whales, but tourists would agree that each day is different. Some day, one gets to swim with a pregnant female while with the mother and its calves on another day. Yet on some other time, one can hear the humpbacks’ haunting song and it indeed is an experience to gather. Even the moment when a group of male humpbacks swirl around the boat is worthy to be captured in an audio or video camera. The encounter may be a short or long one but whatever the duration, it will be a lifetime one. Whale swimming tours are available between July and October. Weather and tides on a given day much affect the whale’s behavior. Hence the success of the tour is subjective to nature.

Whale watching excursions:
  • Sailing Safaris
  • Endangered Encounters
  • Melinda Sea Adventures
  • Whale Watch Vava’u
  • Vava’u Adventures
Tips during whale watching:
  • Do not panic at the sight of the whales
  • Allow the whales to control the time and nature of the meeting
  • Patience is key to make the encounter fruitful. The mother might try to block your path in a bid to cover its calf or the younger ones may approach to quench its curiosity.
  • Do not disturb the creatures as that could force them to leave early
  • Respect the marine environment and do not litter
  • Do not swim towards the whales from the shore
Facts about humpback whales:
  • Humpbacks are baleen whales and have hundreds of dark baleen ‘plates’ hanging from each side of their upper jaw and they use it to filter huge amounts of water for food.
  • These whales are known as ‘Humpback’ for their distinctive way of arching back before sounding.
  • The whales propel with their massive tail, which is often seen above the surface of the water.
  • The whales mate in the calm waters from June to November. The male humpbacks also sing and their song varies with locational change.
Tonga activities:
  • Explore Mariners and Swallows Cave
  • Snorkel the coral reefs
  • Walk the sandy beaches
Reaching Vava’u:

By air:
Reach Nuku’alofa, the capital of Tonga located in Tongatapu and from there to Vava’u in domestic flights operated by Chathams Pacific. No international or domestic flights operate in Tonga on Sundays.

  • Adventure Backpackers
  • Vava’u Guest House
  • Mala Island Resort
  • Tapana Island Resort
  • Puataukanave International Hotel
  • Hilltop Hotel
  • Twin View Motel

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How to get Cheap Airline Deals

 One, who is searching for cheap airline deal, don’t need to be worried about the best quality of the airline services as there are great number of the companies exist in the market that are providing good quality services to you. There are many other companies are also available that have expansive rates but you need to find cheap airline to make deals with them. Then you have to do some research on internet as internet is the major source to find any thing you want. Each and every airline company provides you the facility to make deals with them online going on their official website. So it is not difficult to find the correct the company for making the deal for your traveling somewhere you want to go.

If you have found a good airline and you have to make a deal with them then you can see their ticket details that can be found easily. After reading the ticket details, you’ll be in the better position to make deals with that airline or not. Sometimes it happens that people searching for cheap airlines also provide you the facility to make a deal with them at last minute of the flight. And you can final a deal with them at the last minute but it is the possibility if there is seat available for you then this deal will be done by the airline for you.

Internet is providing man great types of the services that you can find easily and you’ll be in the better position to make a decision to get final deal with an airline. Some of the companies are also there that have airline agents from where you can also get great information and you can get a cheapest deal from there for your required airline. So it will be better for you to make a visit to an agent. We also make deals for airline and provide you the best quality services. So whenever you need cheap airline deals then you must remember us for your required services.

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Best Places to Visit in Victoria

Craigdarroch Castle

Victoria is one of the Best Places to Visit in British Columbia and here you will find some of the Best Places to Visit in Victoria British Columbia. Victoria offers a very unique opportunity to visitors to explore the old world charm and at the same time to explore the new world. Vancouver Island is top island in Canada and one of the top ten islands in the world. Victoria offers some of the best scenery in the world and offers opportunity for golfers, hikers, bikers and fishers to enjoy. Victoria is also famous for its beautiful gardens and spectacular beaches and has mildest climates in Canada.

Craigdarroch Castle
Craigdarroch Castle

Craigdarroch Castle

Craiddarroch Castle was built between 1887-1890 on a hill. This beautiful castle is a must see attraction and is located a short walk from downtown harbour and is one of the Best Places to Visit in Victoria.

Pacific Undersea Gardens

If you are visiting with kids Pacific Undersea Gardens is one of the Best Places to Visit in Victoria. The gardens is located in the beautiful inner harbour of downtown Victoria. Lower level of the aquarium is 5 meters beneath the ocean where visitors can watch a variety of marine plants and animals. Aquarium is house to more than 5,000 animals of different species.

Butchart Gardens

You can explore one of the world’s premier floral gardens in Victoria. There is always something to see in the gardens. You can enjoy the heated greenhouses that change as the season changes. You can also explore the Rose Carousel which is the only carousel in Vancouver Island and have thirty animals such as bears, horses, ostriches and zebras.

Bacon Hill Park

Bacon Hill Park is located along the south shore and is one the Best Places to Visit in Victoria. Here in park you can enjoy walking and jogging, bird watching, beach related activities, and horse back riding. Park also have trails, a petting animal farm, wading pool, water fountain, picnic area and playgrounds.

Victoria Bug Zoo

Victoria Bug Zoo is one of the Best Places to Visit in Victoria and offers visitors an excellent opportunity to view multi-legged creatures from around the world in a safe, fun, and friendly environment. Here you can see some of the amazing bugs such as alien-eyed praying mantids, hairy tarantulas and glow-in-dark scorpions.

Willows Beach

Willows Beach is best sun-tanning and swimming beach and is one of the Best Places to Visit in Victoria. Here you will also find a large grassy playground and a tea house where you can enjoy tea and coffee.

Victoria Butterfly Gardens

Victoria Butterfly Gardens is a true tropical jungle and is one of the Best Places to Visit in Victoria. Here you can see some of the Exotic Butterflies, Tropical Ducks, Flamingos, rare Tropical Birds, Chameleon, Geckos, Poison Dart Frogs, Tree Frogs, Sulcata and Red Footed Tortoises and Giant Koi. Gardens is located just 5 minutes from the Butchart Gardens.

Whale Watching

You can enjoy the cruise and can watch the Whales in the protected waters around the lower Vancouver Island.

Climate in Vietnam


Vietnam has a hot and humid climate with significant variations from north to south. The country is situed in a monsoon area, but there is a clear difference in climate. The north has a cold winter while the South still has a tropical weather.

South (Ho Chi Minh City):

From December to April, the temperature is dry and sunny period of the year, while March and April is the hottest cycle with a temperature of 30 ° C to 45 ° C. From July to November, the monsoon cycle with a regular rainy weather.

North (Hanoi)

From November to April, the temperature remains coolabout 15 ° C to 18 ° C during the day and 10 ° C at night. Time often has a gray and misty skies and light rain. From May to October, the period remains dry with a warm temperature of 30 ° C to 40 ° C.

Note: The monsoon ( July and August) come with heavy rains and strong winds from the South China Sea.

The center (Dalat / Nha Trang / Hue):

From February to May, the climate offers plenty of sun and little rain. From May to August, the climate is hot and dry with temperatures between 30 ° C and 35 ° C. This period is the best time of year. September and October are the monsoons and typhoons. From May to November, the climate has a rainy containing heavy rains

To visit Vietnam, please visit the website Voyage Vietnam , with beautiful pictures about Vietnam and local population, then you can check this website to get your vietnam visa on arrival

Caribbean Pleasures at Vieques

Vieques is a beautiful Caribbean island, which is a part of a lovely destination called Puerto Rico. This is also known by the name of Little Girl Island or Isla Nena. A very rural island, which is around 8 miles towards the eastern part of Puerto Rico. The island is around 22 miles long and 4 miles wide. A very rural ambience this is a must see destination in this part of the Caribbeans filled with maximum tour delights and travel pleasures.

Caribbean Pleasures at Vieques
Caribbean Pleasures at Vieques

Anyone coming to this travel locale would love to see the wild horses and chicken, which are very easily found. Tourists enjoy the comforts and conveniences of a wonderful travel destination. The ferries here along with the pleasures of swimming here make travel very interesting and exciting. Esperanze has an enchanting tourist strip, which makes your stays enchanting. Vieques is thus a unique travel paradise, which gives you the delights of being in a fascinating land. Caribbeans is a lovely travel spot, which makes your everyday experience a great feeling. There is a bioluminescent bay, which is one of the most scintillating in the world. This remote location is a lovely way to spend holidays, which makes this a wonderful spot for those who want to come and enjoy vacations and tours. Most of the beaches here have been named after colours and so make tours here more interesting.

Vieques is thus one of the most beautiful locales in the Caribbean and Atlantic. This is the best spot to get closer to Nature. The ambience, the surroundings and the sheer visual delights are what make travels memorable and worth experiencing again and again.

Ticketbis, your way to access international events

Buying tickets in the primary market through the physical counter may not be feasible for everyone and all the time. In this context, you should want to explore alternate options. If you wish to purchase through the secondary market, it should be a reliable service. The tickets should be delivered to your doorsteps. If they are not delivered at your doorsteps or if they are not as per your expectations, you should want to get back your time. The timing, price and various other factors play crucial role in this context.

How to go for the best ticketing platform?

In order to purchase physical tickets from the best platform, you should verify the details without fail. Before transferring the money to purchase tickets, you should want to go through the reviews. When you go through the reviews, you will understand the features, pros and cons of the service provider. If there is any negative feedback, you will avoid such kind of websites.

The ticketbis review will give you complete information about the unique online ticket exchange. You can buy and sell tickets from this website as you would buy and sell stocks through a stock market. The ticketbus will act like an intermediary. It will receive funds from the buyer and the seller is assured to get his or her money. Thus, it is possible to complete a safe transaction through the ticketbus.

How to make the most of ticketbis

In order to make the most of ticketbis, you should want to go through the ticketbis review. The review will help you in various ways. You will get tips to buy and sell tickets so that you will not lose but gain in every process. The timing is very important. Ticketbus was established in 2009. From the initial conception at Spain, the service is being expanded on a continuous basis.

The website offers 100% legitimate service as all the customers will get promised tickets without any issues. The website lists more than 1 million tickets which will give you access to international events. There are wide ranges of events that are covered through ticketbis. If you fail to get tickets in traditional ways, these are ultra-modern ways to get one or tickets of your choice at home.

The ticketbis review will help you choose ticketbis under various typical situations. There are instances, you would like to attend a music concert and you cannot get tickets through normal ways. If you search for tickets on ticketbus, you can find them. Some fans who had purchased tickets long back would like to exchange with others so that the tickets will not die. Thus, other fans will be helped through the sale of tickets. The tickets will be delivered at your doorsteps. If you sell tickets through ticketbus, UPS will collect the tickets from your doorsteps. You will not pay extra charges to send your tickets.

Ticketbus guarantees that your money will be transferred into your account without any issues. As you go through the ticketbis review, you will understand various kinds of policies implemented by the ticketbis. The policies will ensure that your personal information will not be shared with third parties. There will be protection of personal interests. If you order tickets for Monday, you should get the same tickets without fail. Similarly, the number of tickets committed by the seller should be honored. Ticketbus being the intermediary will ensure that you will get all the services in the expected lines. It is possible to make the most of your time and effort through ticketbus services. If you are satisfied with the service, you will be able to share with others as well.


I used to be a guidebook addict. I carried them on every trip, checking off every “Top 10 Sights” list I could. I obeyed all of the tips and suggestions, terrified of making a wrong move and missing a critical bit of scenery. Eventually, I learned that my methods were all wrong. I was a tourist, not a traveler. Over time I have managed to overcome my dependence on guidebooks and tourist traps, but not without making a few mistakes along the way. To spare you the same trouble, here are a few lessons I learned the hard way.

1. Try to speak the language.

Just try. You might feel uncomfortable and dorky, but your effort will not go unnoticed! Don’t be afraid that people will try to engage you in a complex conversation well beyond your grasp. They’ll know right away that you are foreign and will either keep it simple or switch to English.

2. Eat what the locals eat.

Whatever they’re eating, it’s for a reason, and usually a good one.  More often than not, you’ll have a good experience if you follow suit. And if you hate it, you’ll have a funny experience to tell your friends about when you get home.

3. Eat when the locals eat.

Nothing screams “I’m a tourist!” more than eating dinner alone in an Italian restaurant at 6:00. Plus, it’s boring! Have a snack and a drink (or 3) and then enjoy dinner in a restaurant full of locals. The atmosphere will be worth the hunger pains.

4. Walk everywhere.

You’ll see more and have a richer experience. You can learn a lot more about a city and its people by walking its streets, rather than looking through a taxi window or crammed on a subway 200 feet underground (OK, maybe you can learn something about a culture from its subway, too).  And you’ll burn enough calories to ease your guilt about eating that extra croissant. The worst thing that’ll happen is you’ll get lost and see more of the city. And what’s wrong with that?

5. Listen more than you speak, and when you do speak, speak quietly.

You’ll be surprised at how much more you notice if you take a minute to listen to what’s happening around you, and you will probably pick up a few fun phrases in a foreign language. In many cultures around the world it is considered bad etiquette to speak loudly in restaurants, so you’ll also avoid inadvertently offending the other patrons or staff.

6. Step out of your comfort zone.

What’s the point of traveling if you are doing or eating the same things you would at home?  If you’re a little uncertain about something you’re about to eat or do and you don’t feel the imminent hand of death, just go for it.

7. Throw out the checklist.

Pick one or two must-see things per day, and spend the rest of the day wandering, sitting in a cafe or park, browsing in a bookstore…doing anything that brings you closer to the local culture. Your trip will be more relaxing, and you will have a much richer experience. You’re never going to see it all anyway, so just throw in the towel before you make yourself crazy (and exhausted).

8. When you want to scream or cry, laugh instead.

The only way to have a perfect vacation is to stay at an all-inclusive resort and let someone else do the work. There is certainly something to be said for that kind of ease, but taking on the challenge of planning your own vacation will reap countless rewards, even if everything isn’t perfect. You will make mistakes and things will go wrong, but those mishaps will show you something you may not have known about your destination and its culture. You’ll also acquire a new go-with-the-flow attitude that will benefit you long after your vacation has ended.

These travel rules have helped me to step outside of my American mindset and become a better traveler. They’ve also helped me to relax and enjoy my vacations much more than I did in the past, and isn’t that what it’s all about?

Authors Note: This article was submitted as an assignment for a writing program I’m in. This style of travel writing is called an “Evergreen” article as it is supposed to offer advice that will hold up over time. Thought I’d publish here for fun… let me know what you think! 


We’re not usually the type of travelers who would visit a tourist trap like the Ice Bar in Stockholm, but every so often you have let yourself get suckered into paying 18£ to stand around in a dumb outfit freezing your ass off and drinking watered down vodka cocktails.

The surprise was how much we enjoyed partaking in such a ridiculous activity.

First, you pay an excessive amount of money for what you know is basically just a photo op. Then you stand around the IceHotel Lobby until your group is let into the bar. Everyone is provided a giant shiny blue parka, a pair of damp mittens (attached to the parka with strings in the sleeves, just like when you were in elementary school), and a voucher for one specialty cocktail. Then you spend 40 minutes shivering, drinking, snapping photos, and generally feeling ridiculous.

IceBarDrinks The Ice Bar in Stockholm (sometimes you just have to do the tourist thing)

Was it worth it? For us, it was worth the laugh, the photos, and the random luck of making two wonderful friends who we now see on a regular basis in London (Hi Jason and Luis!). And I think that’s 36£ well spent.

MarinaKevIceBar The Ice Bar in Stockholm (sometimes you just have to do the tourist thing)


Vasaplan 4, entrance in the lobby of Nordic Sea Hotel in Stockholm city
111 20 Stockholm
P: +46 8 50 56 35 20.
E: [email protected]

A visit to Oxford and Cambridge is worth studying

Oxford and Cambridge are sometimes lumped together as Oxbridge, the elite universities where children of the British Establishment and talented young people from overseas study. In fact, the towns where these universities are located are quite different. Both offer the visitor a glimpse of quintessentially British institutions that have been copied all over the world.

Oxford is the better known of the two universities. It vies with the universities of Paris and Bologna for the title of oldest university in the world. In Oxford, the university does not dominate the town to the extent it does in Cambridge, but the major sights, which are all free, are associated with the university.


Visit the colleges for their medieval architecture and “dreaming spires,” and for their associations with history and literature. Christ Church, Merton and Wadham colleges are best known for their architecture, while Magdalene is known for the lovely deer that roam its grounds. The manuscript room of the Bodleian library is worth a visit, as is the Ashmolean Museum. For a view of the city, climb to the top of the Cathedral Church of St. Mary’s.

There is a reasonably wide range of accommodation in Oxford, but with the revaluation of the pound much of it is out of the budget range. However, some of the interesting hotels such as the Old Parsonage are still reasonable. It resembles some of the old colleges, having been built in the thirteenth century and restored in the seventeenth. It has a bar and licenced restaurant, and rates from about $27 single with breakfast to $50 double.

Several guest houses and bed and breakfast places offer simple accommodation for about $13 a person and up. Try Dilkush Guest House near the railway station, Victoria Guest House a little outside the centre of town, or Mrs. Passmore’s Guest House in the centre. These accommodations normally include a large English breakfast, making them quite a bargain.

Because of the large student population, reasonably priced food is readily available in Oxford. A student favorite is St. Michael’s Tavern, which serves pub grub, such as sandwiches and meat pies, and good pizza. Several of the pubs that are frequented by undergraduates are the White Horse, the King’s Arms, known for good food, and the Turf Tavern, an interesting medieval building with low doorways and dark wood. It has a good but somewhat pricey lunch menu. At the other pubs, expect to pay about $1.35 for a pint of good British beer, $4 or so for lunch.

For a lighter and less expensive lunch, try the Wyckham Tea Room in Holywell for excellent sandwiches and strong tea. Brown’s is a hamburger place that is inexpensive and popular with students.

The Trout Inn on the outskirts of Oxford is a pleasant dining spot. It is an old converted mill just on the river, with good, moderately priced food. As a splurge, the Bleu Blanc Rouge offers French cuisine in attractive surroundings. Table d’hote dinner without wine is about $16 a person.

If you’re in the mood to see old American or foreign films, the Penultimate Picture Palace on Cowley Road is a repertory cinema with low admission prices – only about $1.35 at last report.

Cambridge is a considerably smaller and, in the opinion of many, more charming town than Oxford. There is little here except the university, and the major sights are the colleges. Visit King’s College’s beautiful chapel. King’s is one of the richer colleges, partly because the economist J. M. Keynes made a lot of money in the stock market when he was handling the college’s finances. Trinity College is famous for its beautiful quadrangle and the number of famous scientists who have been associated with it, including Sir Isaac Newton.

Reasonably priced accommodations are available in Cambridge at the Arundel House or the Guest House, where rates run between about $22 single and $50 double. Breakfast is included at the Guest House, but is extra at the Arundel.

The Blue Boar Hotel, a seventeenth century inn, is the sort of place where the visiting parents of well-off students stay. It is attractively furnished, centrally heated, very conveniently located and run by the highly regarded Trust House Forte chain. Rates range from about $40 single to $70 double with breakfast. In a lower price range, a number of bed and breakfast houses provide accommodation for about $13 a person; the Ellensleigh Guest House, for example.

Among the reasonably priced restaurants in Cambridge are any of three branches of the Eros for Greek food, the Don Pasquale for Italian food, the Oyster Tavern, and the Peking for Chinese food.

While in Cambridge, don’t miss a chance to punt along the Cam River, which runs behind the colleges. Punts can be hired at the bottom on Mill Lane. A popular journey by punt is up the river to Grantchester to take cream tea at The Orchard, a favorite haunt of the poet Rupert Brooke.

Despite inflation, it’s still economical to visit Greece

Despite inflation, it’s still economical to visit Greece – In many ways, Greece is a perfect country. It is beautiful, clean, safe and, for most of the year, warm. It has sights to equal those of any country, and it is Western enough that most travelers will not be intimidated by it. The Greeks have been famous for their hospitality since ancient times. While mass tourism has strained this genuine spirit of hospitality, it still has not eliminated it.

 visit Greece
visit Greece

Although inflation is raging there as it is elsewhere, Greece is still one of the cheapest countries in Europe. However, Greece will soon join the Common Market, so its price structure may soon come to resemble that of northern Europe.

As in many countries that depend heavily on the revenue from tourism, travel is well organized in Greece. Hotels and restaurants are all classified by price and service offered, with L being the highest class, A the second highest, and E the lowest. This makes it easy to determine approximately what prices will be in any given hotel or restaurant, even without the aid of a guidebook.

Hotels rated L will generally be above the budget range, but some of those rated A are well within it. For example, the Hotel Ambassadeurs and the Hotel Astor in Athens charge only $24 single, $33 double for room with bath. At the Blue House pension, which is also rated A, rates drop to $15 for a bathless single, $24 for a bathless double. At the B-class Hotel Adonis in the Plaka, the old part of the city that is now a night club area, a room with bath is about $20.

In the C category, which is still perfectly acceptable, rates drop to about $9 for a bathless single, $16 for a double with bath. In Athens, the Elena and the Kronos offer these rates. In an A class hotel, breakfast will be $2 extra, lunch or dinner another $8. In a C class hotel, these charges drop to about $1.80 for breakfast, $6 for lunch or dinner.

In E class hotels the rates drop as low as $4 single, $5 double without bath. On the Greek islands, where hotels are relatively scarce, it is always possible to rent a room in a private home for about $7 to $8 double.

In Athens, there is no problem finding accommodations. The Greek National Tourist Organization, with branches at the airport, on Syntagma Square downtown, and at the port of Piraeus, will make reservations for visitors in any hotel category between luxury and D. However, Athens is crowded in summer, so if your heart is set on staying at a particular hotel it is better to make reservations in advance.

There is a great variety of budget accommodation available in Athens. One particularly outstanding find for women is the modern Athens YWCA, very near Syntagma Square, where a room with bath is as little as $8. Dormitory and bathless rooms are even cheaper, and there is a good, very inexpensive cafeteria in the building.

It would be possible to list a number of budget restaurants in Athens such as the Vassilis near Syntagma Square, but the fact is that most Greek restaurants will not strain the budget. It is difficult to spend more than $10 for a meal in any except the luxury restaurants – these can usually be identified by their decor, their classification and the fact that many of them serve foreign (to Greece) food. For a delicious meal of Greek salad, moussaka (similar to shepherd’s pie), beer or wine, Greek coffee and baklava the bill should seldom exceed $8 or so, and will often be much less.

Athens is interesting, but most people say you haven’t seen the real Greece until you’ve visited the islands. A cruise is a very pleasant way to do this, but cruises do tend to be expensive and often result in insulating the traveler from the country itself. For the visitor without the time, money or inclination to take a cruise, a visit to one or two islands can give a very good impression of what island life is like.

Probably the most spectacular island is Santorini or Thera, a volcanic island where the most popular way to reach the main city is by donkey up a steep, winding road. Here as in the other islands the cheapest accommodation is in private homes, where a double room usually runs from $6 to $9. People offering rooms usually meet the boats, so there is no trouble finding one.

In a somewhat higher price range, the C-class Hotel Panorama offers a single with bath and breakfast for about $15, while the Atlantis, a B- class hotel and the best on the island, offers the same for about $22.

Mykonos is a very popular island that is more convenient to Athens. (It was featured in the film The Greek Tycoon.) Here the hotel selection is wider, with the Leto and the Ano Mera in the A category, offering singles without bath at about $13, doubles with bath for about $35. Since Mykonos is very fashionable, food prices tend to be a bit higher here, especially in the restaurants located near the water. Still, it is hard to spend more than $12 or so for dinner.

How to Spend Money Wisely on your Disney Vacation

Contriving a trip to the fascinating Disney World with your family? It would be one of the splendid activities planned. Love at first sight is what your family would feel at Disney World. And if, it is one of your intended destinations for the family vacation, the accompanying pointers would be of considerable help while spending and travelling. Plan your trip. Do not wait until you are already inside the theme park before you try to figure out which attractions you and your kids would want to see first. Download the map from the official website of Disney World, so you can plan the trip accordingly.

How to Spend Money Wisely on your Disney Vacation
How to Spend Money Wisely on your Disney Vacation

Appropriate accommodation is another significant part. Lodging during vacation nearly burns a hole in your pocket and needs to be chosen according your budget. To make this more evident consider this. If an economical stay is your priority, then banking on Orlando hotels and Kissimmee Vacation Homes will be most beneficial. But if, more quality time in the theme park with the added bonus of free transportation service, attracts you more, you might want to consider Disney Vacation Homes. Prioritizing your choices will help you take the correct decision. Arriving early gives you more options to choose from. So you can indulge yourself in joy rides or any other activity without wasting much time. Also since there would be less rush a better part of the park can be surveyed at leisure.

During excursions, expenditure on outside food and beverages can cost you dearly and eat into your vacation budget. Instead come prepared by bringing your own food and drinks as it will save both money and time that, youll spend standing in lengthy queues when either you or a member of your family is feeling hungry.

Visit drinks stations without any charges. Drink stations offering beverages free of cost are scattered around the Disney World theme park. A prominent one is the located in the vicinity of Innovations Plaza Fountain and serves numerous drinks from various countries, free of cost. Ice Station Cool is another place where you can gulp down free samples of Coca-Cola products. These and other stations in Disney World theme park revitalize your mind and body with beverages and that too without a penny charged. Youve to be just careful not to fill yourself with more soda than you can contain or else youll end up being thirstier. So it is always handy to have water supply with you.

Use Fast Pass. If you really want to save time, there is no way you should miss on using the Fast Pass. This pass allows you to avoid the long lines to the rides. Instead, you can use the pass and insert it into the Fast Pass machine located in some of the rides and then you can come back during the designated time when you can ride the attractions. This means you do not have to spend hours in waiting. Instead, you can use these hours to enjoy the other attractions.


Top Beach Destinations to Visit in Europe


Do you really know the best beaches in the world that you can have fun in?If you agree that you know some, think again. This is because, beautiful white sand beaches can be found all over Europe ranging from Brittany, Poland, German and Corsica.We should not also forget to mention the Bulgaria’s environmental award winning beaches and the marvelous beaches in the underdeveloped coast of Turkey.

Beaches in Bulgaria

Golden sands beach stands out from the rest in Bulgaria and Europe in general.The soft and golden sand in the golden sand beach is acclaimed to be the best in the world.The beach resorts here sit 16 kilometers from Varna city that was built in 1950s.This beach resort town is filled with a lot of camping sites and hotels that are of good value.The golden sand in Bulgaria has received many environmental awareness awards.The beach has solar transportation offer and the beach is always monitored for toxins.

Corsica Beaches

Pinarello beach defines beach life in Corsica.The bay of Pinarello in Corsica has herb scented slopes, white sands and craggy coves that attract a lot of visitors.The beach also has an old church, a handful of restaurants full of seafood and jetties that stretches into the crystal clear water.This offers an idyllic, small scale Mediterranean beach life.

Beaches in Germany

Kampen beach, Silt is the most outstanding beach in German that is of world class nature.This beach is situated on the modern and fashionable island of Silt on the North Sea.Kampen beach has got a bracing air and a beautiful backdrop of cliffs that are red in color.Visit this beach and grab a giant wicker beach chair that is waiting for you there.

Beaches in Poland

Sopot beach is the best beach in Poland that gives very high competition to other major sand beaches in Europe.This beach has one of the best cooling water in the world.The Sopot beach since the ancient times has been attracting a lot of visitors from all parts of the world majorly from Germany and Poland.Volleyball nets always decorate the beautifully bleached white sands and vodka bars and beer gardens lines up the Monte Casino’s main street.The temperatures at Sopot beach are often above 20 degrees.

Italy Beaches

Italy is endowed with Praia del Fuoco beach that is stunningly beautiful.Praia del Fuoco beach is a very romantic beach that is hidden at the end of Capo Vaticano coast.This is at the union of the toe of southern Calabria.Transportation to this beach is by boat only.This beach is lapped with aquamarine waters and has a rocky cover that has steep shelves and soft sand.

Beaches in Turkey

Turquoise coast beach in Patar is the most mouthwatering beach in Europe.It is a 19 kilometer stretch that is composed of soft sand at the Mediterranean coastline.The beach is flanked by big mountains of white sand, which are a nesting place for loggerhead turtles.However, this area has for a long period of time remained underdeveloped due to the protection of this beautiful beach by the Turkey government.Get yourself a turkey travel visa and explore this god given beautiful and unique beach and many others in Europe.

Halong Bay: 7th wonder of the world! But We love Lan Ha bay cruise

We spent two days on Halong Bay! Halong Bay is one of the 7 wonders of the world! It is a body of water near 1500km where are grouped more than 1,600 islands.

We had the choice between an organized tour or make do by ourselves. We chose the “organized tour” due to bad weather option. Not the courage to go hunting at the best rates when it does 15 ° C outside, it rains, we do not have a coat and that we must carry our bags. As you can see, we were not in optimal conditions to visit the bay

Despite this, it is a beautiful place and we do not regret having visited! The visit takes place mainly on the boat, we made regular stops to visit a temple, a cave, an island canoeing. We also spent a night on the boat. The cabins were very nice, it is a very nice experience! More detail about Lan Ha Bay Cruise 

It’s always funny when the captain honking in the middle of the night for some unknown reason:-S. The food was fab, it was entitled to full of different small dishes to share in table 5, it allows you to enjoy lots of things. Usually we do not like organized tours but they make it easier to meet people.

Then we went to Lan Ha Bay in a short cruise of 2 days 1 nitgh! Great place next to Halong bay and a big difference ! Many hiddend caves to explore by kayaks and many beaches to enjoy ! We stopped at 2 beaches without any tourist and really appreciated our time there – For the cruise, we hired a private boat to visit Lan Ha bay for reasonnable price ! The boat were great and the crew members are nice and have served a really good cuisine! You can find a trustable local agency for Vietnam and Lan Ha Bay cruise here voyage


When to go to the Canary Islands?

Popular destination for its climate, the Canary Islands offer beautiful landscapes and alternate between the volcanic plains and lush beaches.

When to go to the Canary Islands?

To avoid the crowds of tourists in the Canaries, prefer the month of May than in July. The Canary Islands enjoy a very favorable climate all year round. However, some periods are more favorable, especially in terms of price.

Avoid the crowds

Side climate, the Canary Islands are particularly preferred with an average temperature of around 23 ° throughout the year. In water, swimming is rarely difficult because temperatures do not fall below 18 degrees, even in winter. If the climate is therefore not a problem, the massive influx of tourists can be. In general, December and February are the most popular. Holidays mild climate year and attract many tourists. It was also during this period that prices are soaring. After Dec. 15, tickets can take up to 40% of their initial value. In summer, the period from July to August is also very touristy and you sometimes struggle to find a place to put your towel on the beach.

The lowest rates

Not to ruin you, it will favor the low season. The Canary Islands, you can choose between two periods, the first relatively short since it extends from November to mid-December and the second largest, from March to May Careful to avoid the Easter holidays when prices are rising rapidly. The months of May, June, September and November are particularly pleasant, both in terms of attendance islands of cheap flights and hotels. Note that Tenerife and Gran Canaria are sometimes affected by fog at these times and temperatures a bit cooler at high altitudes.

Rome: the Great Awakening of the Eternal City

Sublime and idle, grand and intimate, the Italian capital keeps its luster in the crisis. Despite his moods and his nonchalance, she has not finished talking to her. Cultural riches to the art of living and gastronomy, rediscovery of an ever present Eternal City.

Rome: the Great Awakening of the Eternal City -The Colosseum, the most emblematic building of ancient Rome in the year 80, for his inauguration, 5,000 wild and 2,000 gladiators were killed there.

It is always wrong to forget Rome. Under the pretext that the masses of pilgrims flock there blissfully sandals to receive a blessing, that millions of tourists leave their ice flow on their fingers and feet, as legions of motorcycles disturb the most romantic moments, there not renounce the boundless charm of the Eternal City.

In Italy in crisis, Rome offers more than ever to any visitor the comforting pleasures of contemplation, walks always surprising delight new delicacies pecked in the streets, watching real actors are the inhabitants of this theater giant. An outdated Americano, perfectly served swallowed sips contemplating the facade of a church, we do not retain the name is enough to understand that what happens between these seven hills holds a unique lifestyle, which absorbs all the drama and always returns to celebrate the fun.

For nearly three millennia, a miraculous superposition of cultural sediments of unsurpassed fertility reinforces the metaphor of humanity. Take the Colosseum, Circus whose fame shone from the Atlantic to the Caucasus. It is the most emblematic building of ancient Rome and was probably the largest place of extermination of antiquity during his inauguration, which lasted one hundred days in the year 80, there sacrificed beasts 5000 and 2000 Gladiators lost their lives, shedding torrents of blood.
Admire the golden sunsets

Very soon, thousands of Christian martyrs eventually devoured by wild beasts. To the point that small cabochons, inserted into the columns of the circus at the time of the popes, and still visible today, offer a “year plenary indulgence” to those who gather there. In 2014, it is the Tod’s brand is generously supported restoring the building. Today, Chateaubriand could not write as he did in his time: “Rome slumbers amid the ruins”, or James Joyce compare the city to a “cadaverous woman.”

But Rome is lounging, no doubt, in this green stone carved where thousand domes and spiers arise, ancient columns, unusual and welcome pines, the inevitable “typewriter” Vittoriano, white marble monument erected in honor of Victor Emmanuel II and the Italian unit. In this dazzling décor stand out, too often ignored, perched groves where it is good to take a little height to admire the golden sunsets.
“Every generation rediscovers Rome differently,” says Marina Valensise, Director of the Italian Cultural Centre in Paris. Here the Vatican.

“Every generation rediscovers Rome differently,” says Marina Valensise, Director of the Italian Cultural Centre in Paris. Here the Vatican.

It is precisely in the garden of the Janiculum, which overlooks the chic and bohemian Trastevere, begins the film already worship, Paolo Sorrentino La Grande Bellezza (2013): a Japanese tourist in awe of the view that s’ extends beneath his eyes, collapsed and lost consciousness. Following fresh and sterile wandering a Roman citizen, Jep Gambardella, friendly and idle, which travels from Rome holidays terraces, through palaces and galleries, contemplate sunsets and touches of gorgeous women with nothing to do without doing anything of his life. This magnificent fiction captures the dazzling beauty of a city where, ultimately, we can lead a life between alabaster statues and ancient bronzes without it nothing happens in its own existence.

“The best of the Romans tourists”

Time is suspended between the Forum and the dome inevitable, Saint-Pierre. The author of the story that served as the film frame, the talented writer Raffaele La Capria, Neapolitan, Roman adoption today, describes the happiness in the form of sweet discomfort and regrets that the city is no longer devoted to indolence. “The walls still speak, he says, but to bring more power to the imagination, to invite them to make love not war, they speak the language stupid fractions, the lonely, the mad, the obscene, the exhibitionist. ”

Rome has the taste of a glass of Amaretto, sweet with a background of bitterness, and its inhabitants, sometimes “morons beauty”, in the words of a tourist guide heard in passing, hardly see what the surrounds. “The best of the Romans are the tourists,” despairs Jep in La Grande Bellezza. Which makes brilliant writer Alessandro Piperno that “Rome is given to all, as a prostitute.” In a delicious trattorias frequented by natives, the Fiaschetteria Beltramme via della Croce, close to the Spanish Steps, Jacqueline, the owner, summarizes this sentiment: “Sometimes I want to cry at the beauty of my city , she says, but seeing what becomes its inhabitants, who have nothing to say to them. ”

All this can be explained if one believes Giuliano Ferrara, charismatic editor of newspaper Il Foglio. “Rome is the symbol of the lack of social mobility Italy résumet it. This is a conservative city, with a pope who changes from time to time and a mayor who remains a high political figure since the end of the Christian Democrats. In many respects, it is lagging behind the country and is the Conservatory of Italian political history. And the eternal nature the city there will be no big changes! ” Except that in this cultural inconsapevole potenza (unconscious cultural power) that is Italy, Rome is the fixed point of radiation.

Pope Francis, best promoter of the city

Magnificent spectacle that these parliamentarians, surely the best-dressed throughout Europe, which make their way between groups of tourists at lunchtime to join their favorite table. Palazzo Montecitorio (Chamber of Deputies), Palazzo Madama (Senate) and Palazzo Chigi (Office of the President of the Council of Ministers) are distant from each other a few steps and offer pedestrian show that discusses politics wandering between admirable column of Marcus Aurelius and the impressive Pantheon.

In the capital of a country without a state where the public service is by far the largest employer, it is hardly worried formalism. Amazing nonchalance (sprezzatura), the diplomat Baldassare Castiglione, sets from the sixteenth century as the attitude par excellence of the courtier. “The Roman sprezzatura, detailed analysis ment Marina Valensise, the brilliant director of the Italian Cultural Centre in Paris, is the only way to live with so much beauty without going crazy.”

Rome is yet queen, that the Christian world. “You must see the spiritual power continues Marina Valensise as the heir and successor of the Roman Empire. What determines we always unconsciously is what historical legacy still alive, unlike Athens. This is why every generation rediscovers Rome differently was wrong to lament: Rome is the center for the production of an intangible asset, which is the taste of life in the late 1950s, Fellini films hypnotic sweetness in La Dolce Vita.,.. today is Paolo Sorrentino that weaves a new fiber with La Grande Bellezza. ” Add their Pope Francis, best promoter of Rome at this time, who began his pontificate by the historic words: “Buena will be!” (Good evening). It has also demonstrated the power of attraction of the Eternal City Newly confident, with a smile, he needs since he was in Rome, being “un po ‘furbo” (a bit tricky) .