Acne and how to get rid of acne ?


Acne is a skin disease that affects nearly 9 in 10 teens and two in five women. It causes pimples on the face, neck, chest and sometimes back. On the hormonal, acne is treatable.



What causes acne?

– The increase of sex hormones during adolescence.
Male hormones such as testosterone increases the production of sebum which is used to moisturize the skin. They also lead to the proliferation of cells of the sebaceous glands. Result: the output of the gland mouth.
– Hormonal changes in women taking or stopping birth control pills, pregnancy, menopause or just before menstruation.

What are the symptoms of acne?

– Blackheads
– Pustules (white buttons that contain pus)
– Papules (red and painful pimples)
– Nodules (larger buttons, hard, deep and painful pustules)
– Cysts (painful and deep lesions containing pus)

adult acne

How to prevent pimples?

– Cleansing your face two times a day with mild soap
– Avoid touching your buttons not to spread bacteria on the skin surface
– Using noncomedogenic water-based makeup for you
– In your makeup before going to sleep
– Eating balanced
– Avoiding exposure to the sun without protection (skin thickens to protect from the sun and the buttons will reappear after)

What are the treatments for acne?

We start with a local treatment (creams, gels) containing benzoyl peroxide to fight against the proliferation of bacteria. The dermatologist can also make you a skin cleansing to remove blackheads and whiteheads.

In some cases, we may offer courses of antibiotics for several months, taking some pills. In the most serious cases, it is proposed to tretinoin (derived from vitamin A) which requires effective contraception. However, it is necessary to be patient to see an improvement. Scars can fade through a peeling dermatologist, an injection of collagen or dermabrasion for the most significant scars.


A Dream car is that car that has been lingering in your mind ever since you saw it on television, magazine or on the road and you were like “I want would really want that”. It is a dream which most people never get to see it’s fruition but only a few get to see it come to reality because of the high cost of the vehicle and or the maintenance costs associated with it. There are several cars that we can talk about here that take luxury, performance and design to sky-high level.

To actually be in the driver’s seat of such a car you need competent driving skills because no one would leave such a vehicle in the hands of a novice, so you can make your driving test booking at some of the reputable companies to boost your skills.

1. Lamborghini Murcielago LP 640.

  • The Murcielago was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in 2006 and its’ named after a bull which received 24 strokes during a fight after which the bull fighter spared it in Spain.
  • It has a 6.5 liter V12 engine that has an output of 471 kW (kilowatt), 631 hp (brake horse power) at 8000 rpm (revolutions per minute) which does 0-60 miles in 3 seconds and with a top speed of 211 miles per hour.
  • It’s a four wheel drive with options of a 6-speed manual or automated sequential transmission with launch control.
  • The estimated fuel economy is 29 litres per 100km in the city and 18 litres for the same distance on the highway.
  • It costs around $330,000.

2. Bugatti Veyron.

  • This vehicle has the crown as the fastest road-legal production car in the world with the Super Sports version clocking 267.85 (431.07km/h) miles per hour.
  • It is developed by the Volkswagen Group and manufactured in France by Bugatti Automobiles.
  • Because there are different versions of the Veyron, the cheapest comes at a price tag of 1.2 million dollars.
  • The car has an 8 litre engine with 16 cylinders and 4 turbochargers producing 738kW, 987 bhp with 1250 nm (newton metres) of torque giving a top speed of 253 mph for the Veyron version. It does 0-62miles in 2.46 seconds.
  • It has a 7 speed semi or fully automatic gearbox and 10 radiators to cool off the heat produced by such high performance engine
  • It uses special tyres to accommodate its top speed and a set goes for $ 25,000.
  • It has special editions which include Sang Noir, Black Carbon, Edition Merveilleux, Le saphir Bleu, Pur Blanc and Grand Sport Vitesse.
  • By 2013 only 407 vehicles had been sold.

3. Ferrari Enzo.

  • The car was named after the founder of the car flagship Enzo Ferrari.
  • Only 400 Enzos were produced and they featured Formula 1(F1) features such as a carbon fibre body, ceramic composite disc brakes and F1 like electrohydraulic shift transmission.
  • It has a 6 litre V12 engine producing 485kW and 651hp at 7800 rpm with 4 valves per cylinder, variable valve timing and dual overhead cams. The engine does 0-60 miles in 3.14 seconds and has a top speed of 221mph.
  • The transmission is effected by a 6-speed semi-automatic (F1) gear box with a shift time of 150 milliseconds, this being a very fast gear shift.
  • The cost of the car came out at around $660,000 but nowadays the Enzo trades above 1million dollars at auctions.

Are you a victim of panic attacks


Are you a victim of panic attacks?  You are not alone, thousands of people around the World are affected by this symptoms of panic disorder.  They happen without warning and bring you an unnatural sudden fear for minutes.

This is a condition that affects 2.4 million of people in America only and it appears with other symptoms that make attacks even worse like racing heart, feelings of faint excessive sweating and confusion among others.  The panic attacks end up hurting badly the lives of these people, who often feel isolated and depressed.  However panic attacks can be learnt to be controlled.  In fact they are one of the most treatable anxiety conditions.

In this site you will learn everything about panic attacks, how to deal with them and the best proven techniques that can help you overcome them and live a better life.  Feel free to explore the site and our articles to find what you are looking for.  Don’t hesitate writing to us if you have any comment or question!

What to do in Berlin? What to see in Berlin?

“Berlin is poor but sexy! “As claimed by the mayor … The capital of Germany is indeed one of the cities most fashionable time and attracts tourists but especially lovers of culture and nightlife. Very alternative destination, Berlin is a mix of cultures, making it the largest city in Europe.

Although we have to go to the Wall and its key monuments, cultural attractions abound, starting with its many museums and street art. It is also (or especially) for its general avant-garde atmosphere that Berlin stands out: it is not like other German cities. Here are things to do and see in Berlin for a holiday you will not forget:

1. Testing the best food in the city

You’ll be spoiled for choice here in Berlin to eat. Between the currywurst culinary institution, authentic schnitzels, doner kebabs surprising Friedrichshain or Mehringdamm and finally falafel … You’ll understand what is streetfood star is here.

2. Exploring Berlin underground

There is much more to see in Berlin we think. During the Cold War, many bunkers and shelters were built to protect the inhabitants from nuclear fallout. you can include a visit to the underworld with the Berliner Unterwelten eV association which identifies, develops, and discover Berlin’s underground heritage. There are also a host of clubs in the basement of the city.

3. Discover Street Art (or street art)

The wall, but also the walls of Berlin are the expression of the artists who made the streets a true work of art canvas. Enjoy the “alternative” turn three hours free with a guided tour of the eclectic culture of Berlin: Information site.

4. See the Berlin Wall

This is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the German capital. And this is understandable when you know the story (fairly recent) Wall. The latter was destroyed in large part from June to November 1990, but a portion remained standing. The most famous part is that along the Spree (river) called the East Side Gallery for his works painted on the wall. It should also visit the Checkpoint Charlie Museum which tells the history of the Wall.

5 Walking through the maze of Holocaust Memorial .

Many memorials are subtle as multiple pavers before each bronze Berlin apartment which housed a Jewish inhabitants deported. But the Holocaust Memorial was nothing like that. It is composed of 2,711 steles of different sizes which are a kind of labyrinthine cemetery that the best way to visit is to wander around and get lost.

6. Tiergarten garden

Choose a sunny day and go wandering in one of the largest parks in the city, and greener. Go without the hangover preferably for walking and enjoy this quiet place in the city center.
A bike for the day 7. Rent

The center of Berlin is filled with rental shop two wheels and you’d better enjoy it because it is one of the most enjoyable to ride there in the streets cities. Rent a bike, you are doing two things at once: you discover the most interesting monuments of the city while eliminating good food and alcohol you enjoyed the previous days. A good opportunity to see the Reichstag and the Brandenburg Gate!

8. Pic-nic in the amazing Tempelhof Park

This is the former airport Berlin and it was converted into a park since May 2010. Located south of Berlin, Tempelhof is thus one of the largest parks where it is possible to yachting, the kitesurfing, past community gardens, and of course pic-nic. It was here that the place Berlin Music Festival.

9. Swimming in Badeschiff

This floating swimming pool on the Spree River is part of the impressive Arena complex Kreuzberg which gives a spectacular view of the river and the surrounding area. You can either swim in the clean, clear water of the pool, get a sun lounger on the deck or sand. In winter, the pool is covered and the complex has a sauna.

10. Nightlife in Berlin

It’s simple, Berlin is considered the European capital of clubbing and go to Berlin and is an attraction not to be missed here. The best artists and DJs in the world come to perform in clubs in Berlin. Begin the evening with several trendy bars in Kreuzberg for example, but check with locals who know best places where to go.Then, for clubs and discos, the largest and best known are the Watergate, Berghain, or Weekend. Again, you see what you like. There are so many that you will find your happiness. Enjoy summer dance at dawn as the sun rises before 5am.

11. Visiting museums

Really. This can be annoying for some, but Berlin has nearly 200 museums. You will find the most important on Museum Island (Museum Island). Another museum is the collection Kulturforum. The Art and History lovers will be in heaven. Remember the Bauhaus-Archiv Museum.

12. Taking photo in a photo booth

There are Photoautomaten around Berlin and is a good opportunity to provide a reminder of the city for cheap. Individuals, couples, or crammed with friends, you will receive 4 photos in black and white as do many tourists.

13. Having stunning views over Berlin

Get climbing Fernsehturm, the TV high tower 368m to admire Berlin view from above. You can even eat at the top since a panoramic restaurant offers cuisine. When you descend, remember to pass on Alexanderplatz, the place that is now a key part of the city (metro stations, buses, and trains, shopping, etc …).

14. Sing or attend a Karaoke in Mauer Park

You can get to the Mauer Park Market to buy all kinds of clothes, trinkets, food, furniture, etc. … but the main attraction on Sunday, this is the Karaoke which you can watch but also participate to a large crowd came to spend on Sunday.

15. And the rest …

Berlin is a great city, multicultural, that will appeal to all. Thus, anything that has not been mentioned here does not mean that it is not to the contrary, many places to discover. You can find more “traditional” sites to see, but if you are interested in a little more to the local population, manners, and customs here, you may be access to other types of activities such concerts, unusual and unknown places, etc … We discover many Berlin without knowing where to go, wandering the streets without really go. That’s how we come across works that few (tourists) are aware.

Rome: the Great Awakening of the Eternal City

Sublime and idle, grand and intimate, the Italian capital keeps its luster in the crisis. Despite his moods and his nonchalance, she has not finished talking to her. Cultural riches to the art of living and gastronomy, rediscovery of an ever present Eternal City.

Rome: the Great Awakening of the Eternal City -The Colosseum, the most emblematic building of ancient Rome in the year 80, for his inauguration, 5,000 wild and 2,000 gladiators were killed there.

It is always wrong to forget Rome. Under the pretext that the masses of pilgrims flock there blissfully sandals to receive a blessing, that millions of tourists leave their ice flow on their fingers and feet, as legions of motorcycles disturb the most romantic moments, there not renounce the boundless charm of the Eternal City.

In Italy in crisis, Rome offers more than ever to any visitor the comforting pleasures of contemplation, walks always surprising delight new delicacies pecked in the streets, watching real actors are the inhabitants of this theater giant. An outdated Americano, perfectly served swallowed sips contemplating the facade of a church, we do not retain the name is enough to understand that what happens between these seven hills holds a unique lifestyle, which absorbs all the drama and always returns to celebrate the fun.

For nearly three millennia, a miraculous superposition of cultural sediments of unsurpassed fertility reinforces the metaphor of humanity. Take the Colosseum, Circus whose fame shone from the Atlantic to the Caucasus. It is the most emblematic building of ancient Rome and was probably the largest place of extermination of antiquity during his inauguration, which lasted one hundred days in the year 80, there sacrificed beasts 5000 and 2000 Gladiators lost their lives, shedding torrents of blood.
Admire the golden sunsets

Very soon, thousands of Christian martyrs eventually devoured by wild beasts. To the point that small cabochons, inserted into the columns of the circus at the time of the popes, and still visible today, offer a “year plenary indulgence” to those who gather there. In 2014, it is the Tod’s brand is generously supported restoring the building. Today, Chateaubriand could not write as he did in his time: “Rome slumbers amid the ruins”, or James Joyce compare the city to a “cadaverous woman.”

But Rome is lounging, no doubt, in this green stone carved where thousand domes and spiers arise, ancient columns, unusual and welcome pines, the inevitable “typewriter” Vittoriano, white marble monument erected in honor of Victor Emmanuel II and the Italian unit. In this dazzling décor stand out, too often ignored, perched groves where it is good to take a little height to admire the golden sunsets.
“Every generation rediscovers Rome differently,” says Marina Valensise, Director of the Italian Cultural Centre in Paris. Here the Vatican.

“Every generation rediscovers Rome differently,” says Marina Valensise, Director of the Italian Cultural Centre in Paris. Here the Vatican.

It is precisely in the garden of the Janiculum, which overlooks the chic and bohemian Trastevere, begins the film already worship, Paolo Sorrentino La Grande Bellezza (2013): a Japanese tourist in awe of the view that s’ extends beneath his eyes, collapsed and lost consciousness. Following fresh and sterile wandering a Roman citizen, Jep Gambardella, friendly and idle, which travels from Rome holidays terraces, through palaces and galleries, contemplate sunsets and touches of gorgeous women with nothing to do without doing anything of his life. This magnificent fiction captures the dazzling beauty of a city where, ultimately, we can lead a life between alabaster statues and ancient bronzes without it nothing happens in its own existence.

“The best of the Romans tourists”

Time is suspended between the Forum and the dome inevitable, Saint-Pierre. The author of the story that served as the film frame, the talented writer Raffaele La Capria, Neapolitan, Roman adoption today, describes the happiness in the form of sweet discomfort and regrets that the city is no longer devoted to indolence. “The walls still speak, he says, but to bring more power to the imagination, to invite them to make love not war, they speak the language stupid fractions, the lonely, the mad, the obscene, the exhibitionist. ”

Rome has the taste of a glass of Amaretto, sweet with a background of bitterness, and its inhabitants, sometimes “morons beauty”, in the words of a tourist guide heard in passing, hardly see what the surrounds. “The best of the Romans are the tourists,” despairs Jep in La Grande Bellezza. Which makes brilliant writer Alessandro Piperno that “Rome is given to all, as a prostitute.” In a delicious trattorias frequented by natives, the Fiaschetteria Beltramme via della Croce, close to the Spanish Steps, Jacqueline, the owner, summarizes this sentiment: “Sometimes I want to cry at the beauty of my city , she says, but seeing what becomes its inhabitants, who have nothing to say to them. ”

All this can be explained if one believes Giuliano Ferrara, charismatic editor of newspaper Il Foglio. “Rome is the symbol of the lack of social mobility Italy résumet it. This is a conservative city, with a pope who changes from time to time and a mayor who remains a high political figure since the end of the Christian Democrats. In many respects, it is lagging behind the country and is the Conservatory of Italian political history. And the eternal nature the city there will be no big changes! ” Except that in this cultural inconsapevole potenza (unconscious cultural power) that is Italy, Rome is the fixed point of radiation.

Pope Francis, best promoter of the city

Magnificent spectacle that these parliamentarians, surely the best-dressed throughout Europe, which make their way between groups of tourists at lunchtime to join their favorite table. Palazzo Montecitorio (Chamber of Deputies), Palazzo Madama (Senate) and Palazzo Chigi (Office of the President of the Council of Ministers) are distant from each other a few steps and offer pedestrian show that discusses politics wandering between admirable column of Marcus Aurelius and the impressive Pantheon.

In the capital of a country without a state where the public service is by far the largest employer, it is hardly worried formalism. Amazing nonchalance (sprezzatura), the diplomat Baldassare Castiglione, sets from the sixteenth century as the attitude par excellence of the courtier. “The Roman sprezzatura, detailed analysis ment Marina Valensise, the brilliant director of the Italian Cultural Centre in Paris, is the only way to live with so much beauty without going crazy.”

Rome is yet queen, that the Christian world. “You must see the spiritual power continues Marina Valensise as the heir and successor of the Roman Empire. What determines we always unconsciously is what historical legacy still alive, unlike Athens. This is why every generation rediscovers Rome differently was wrong to lament: Rome is the center for the production of an intangible asset, which is the taste of life in the late 1950s, Fellini films hypnotic sweetness in La Dolce Vita,.. today is Paolo Sorrentino that weaves a new fiber with La Grande Bellezza. ” Add their Pope Francis, best promoter of Rome at this time, who began his pontificate by the historic words: “Buena will be!” (Good evening). It has also demonstrated the power of attraction of the Eternal City Newly confident, with a smile, he needs since he was in Rome, being “un po ‘furbo” (a bit tricky) .

When to go to the Canary Islands?

Popular destination for its climate, the Canary Islands offer beautiful landscapes and alternate between the volcanic plains and lush beaches.

When to go to the Canary Islands?

To avoid the crowds of tourists in the Canaries, prefer the month of May than in July. The Canary Islands enjoy a very favorable climate all year round. However, some periods are more favorable, especially in terms of price.

Avoid the crowds

Side climate, the Canary Islands are particularly preferred with an average temperature of around 23 ° throughout the year. In water, swimming is rarely difficult because temperatures do not fall below 18 degrees, even in winter. If the climate is therefore not a problem, the massive influx of tourists can be. In general, December and February are the most popular. Holidays mild climate year and attract many tourists. It was also during this period that prices are soaring. After Dec. 15, tickets can take up to 40% of their initial value. In summer, the period from July to August is also very touristy and you sometimes struggle to find a place to put your towel on the beach.

The lowest rates

Not to ruin you, it will favor the low season. The Canary Islands, you can choose between two periods, the first relatively short since it extends from November to mid-December and the second largest, from March to May Careful to avoid the Easter holidays when prices are rising rapidly. The months of May, June, September and November are particularly pleasant, both in terms of attendance islands of cheap flights and hotels. Note that Tenerife and Gran Canaria are sometimes affected by fog at these times and temperatures a bit cooler at high altitudes.

Halong Bay Vietnam: 7th wonder of the world! But We love Lan Ha bay cruise with Minh Anh Voyage

We spent two days on Halong Bay! Halong Bay is one of the 7 wonders of the world! It is a body of water near 1500km where are grouped more than 1,600 islands.

We had the choice between an organized tour or make do by ourselves. We chose the “organized tour” due to bad weather option. Not the courage to go hunting at the best rates when it does 15 ° C outside, it rains, we do not have a coat and that we must carry our bags. As you can see, we were not in optimal conditions to visit the bay

Despite this, it is a beautiful place and we do not regret having visited! The visit takes place mainly on the boat, we made regular stops to visit a temple, a cave, an island canoeing. We also spent a night on the boat. The cabins were very nice, it is a very nice experience!

It’s always funny when the captain honking in the middle of the night for some unknown reason:-S. The food was fab, it was entitled to full of different small dishes to share in table 5, it allows you to enjoy lots of things. Usually we do not like organized tours but they make it easier to meet people.

Then we went to Lan Ha Bay in a short cruise of 2 days 1 nitgh! Great place next to Halong bay and a big difference ! Many hiddend caves to explore by kayaks and many beaches to enjoy ! We stopped at 2 beaches without any tourist and really appreciated our time there – For the cruise, we hired a private boat to visit Lan Ha bay for reasonnable price ! The boat were great and the crew members are nice and have served a really good cuisine

See the video about Lan Ha bay cruise here – Contact the local agency for more infos here Minh Anh Voyage Vietnam